Importance of Holistic Risk Mitigation

Risk has evolved with business – nationally and internationally. Companies of all sizes face a rapidly changing business environment and must be prepared for these new, unforeseen challenges...

Mitigating Cross-Border Risk

Are you considering taking your business across borders? Business owners and operators have a lot to consider before expanding into new territories.


Case 3299 - Apprehending an Arsonist

Check out this story of collaboration and determination between Xpera, the claims team, and the insured, P'tits Soleils et Boucle et Bottine.

So, You Think We Only Do Surveillance...

Check out this timely article written by Nino Calabrese, Director of Investigations. Nino shares his insights on the scope of investigation services available to clients.

After the Storm: Hail Damage. A Special Investigations’ Exploration into a Claim

In special investigations, claims can range in size and scope such that no two are alike. Severe weather, however, is the great equalizer. In the event of a hailstorm, like those that befall the prairies seasonally, claims begin to pour in, requiring specialized attention, specific expertise, and a keen sense for potential fraud.

Theft. Fraud. No Two Days are the Same. Senior Investigators use a lifetime of experience to investigate warehouse break and entry

The turbulence of these unprecedented times has created challenges in every profession, but for Xpera's Laval team—which includes ex-police officers and senior investigators—navigating these challenges has been just another exciting chapter in storied and accomplished careers.

Improve Your Chances at Surveillance

Having been in the business of Investigations for over 35 years, I have occasionally heard complaints from claims adjusters regarding their current surveillance providers. These complaints usually involve a lack of results and/or improper use of the budget provided.

By Nino Calabrese, Director of Investigations, Xpera.

Bringing Forensic Video Analysis Into Focus

Jeffrey Dawe is a Forensic Video Analyst. It’s a relatively new and growing profession that has roots in the late 19th century when blood splatter patterns were used to solve crimes. Today, it’s much more scientific and rigorous.